America’s energy-producing states just can’t catch a break.

If the government remains shut down, America’s energy states will continue to be some of the hardest hit. If the government reopens, the Environmental Protection Agency will resume its “war on coal.”

WalletHub, an online finance website, crunched the numbers to determine which states were the hardest hit by the partial government shutdown.

The website's analysts looked at factors like the number of federal workers per capita and federal contract dollars per capita to create the list.

Virginia and Alaska — both energy-producing states — top the list of those most hurt by the government shutdown. North Dakota, Montana and Pennsylvania are also in the top 20.

National park closures and 1,300 furloughed National Guardsmen have also hurt Kentucky. The Bluegrass State is also home to Fort Knox and Fort Campbell, which sent home civilian workers due to the partial government shutdown.

In West Virginia, 1,150 National Guardsmen were sent home due to the partial shutdown.

West Virginia and Indiana fare best compared to other energy-producing states, but they also face looming EPA regulations upon the reopening of the government.

Those regulations would make it nearly impossible to open new coal plants, and will shut down more existing coal plants come 2014.

You’re damned if you do; damned if you don’t when it comes to energy production under the Obama administration.