Entitlement reforms are admittedly a hard sell for Democrats, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said today, outlining the differences between the two parties’ proposals to avert sequestration spending cuts.

Republicans are unwilling to agree to tax hikes — which the White House has termed “revenue increases”— according to Carney, while Democrats reject proposals that include entitlement reforms and spending cuts.

“Some of that savings is a hard sell to Democrats,” Carney said.

Despite Democrats’ unwillingness to agree to spending cuts, it’s Republicans who are at fault for the impending sequester, Carney said. He described Congressional Republicans as having a “my way or the highway spending-cuts-only approach,” while President Obama and Congressional Democrats have made reasonable proposals.

“We’re discouraged by the line Republican leaders have taken, which is that the book is closed on revenue,” he said.”We’re just looking for someone to meet us halfway.”