An environmental campaign group has started a petition to sway Super Bowl champs the Philadelphia Eagles to stay clear of the White House.

"NFL Champs Shouldn't Bend a Knee to Trump! Ask entire Eagles team to skip White House visit," is the way the Care2 petition header put it on Thursday in announcing the campaign on its website.

The Eagles won a "thrilling game" against the New England Patriots on Sunday, and should celebrate "by declining the traditional trip to the White House — as long as Trump is the resident," the petition read.

The petition goes on to suggest the team instead visit Disneyland or spend a few well-deserved days in Hawaii or the Caribbean.

"Go have some fun, you earned it," the petition read. "But spending time with Trump? The guy who stood up for white supremacists in Charlottesville? The guy who encouraged your owners to 'fire' any 'son of a bitch' that dared to protest for civil rights during the National Anthem?!!?"

The petition comes after media reports that Eagles players Malcolm Jenkins, Torrey Smith, and Chris Long are already planning on missing the visit.

The petition also suggests that Trump would include the Eagles in the military parade he is planning if they go to Washington.

"Hell, he'll probably want you guys to ride a tank and salute him during his 'my missiles are bigger' parade he's planning," the petition said.

More than 300 people have signed the petition. The goal is to reach 1,000 before sending it to the team.

Care2 specializes in circulating petitions on a host of animal rights, conservation, environmental, and human rights issues.

One of its more recent campaigns focused on holding auto giant Volkswagen accountable for using monkeys to conduct experiments on the harmful effects of diesel exhaust.