Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy put herself at the mercy of the Internet on Wednesday by taking part in a question-and-answer session on the popular forum reddit.

"Ask Me Anything," McCarthy wrote. reddit's users obliged.

The account Gina_EPA, endorsed by McCarthy's Twitter account and the EPA website as authentic, answered 15 questions over the span of two hours.

McCarthy's replies focused on the strict rules her agency proposed Monday as part of President Obama's effort to combat climate change. She touted the rules' health benefits and more dubious economic benefits, while downplaying costs.

Many users seemed underwhelmed by her responses.

Also critical was a post by username Rep_ Mike_Pompeo_KS, verified as Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan.

McCarthy did not respond to Pompeo's question.

While McCarthy's policy answers were not groundbreaking, readers did learn some intriguing information about the EPA administrator. For example, she prefers R&B to rap and is woefully unprepared for the zombie apocalypse.

Readers also learned that McCarthy hopes she has performed better than her fictional counterpart in "The Simpsons Movie," Supreme Commander of the EPA Forces Russ Cargill.