The head of the Environmental Protection Agency will meet up for some one-on-one with former NBA player and solar energy entrepreneur Mark Davis before attending President Obama's last State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy will be meeting Tuesday with Davis, a former Washington Bullets player, "who will be in the first lady's box ... at the State of the Union," said agency spokeswoman Melissa Harrison.

Davis has been touted by environmentalists as an example of how the "clean energy revolution is creating new jobs," according to the Sierra Club's website. Davis returned to the District to start a successful solar energy company after playing professional basketball for the Bullets and teams in Europe.

The White House said Davis "was inspired by the president's focus on climate change to do something to protect the planet and help his community."

His firm, WDC Solar, "is growing, profitable and giving back," the White House says. "Since 2012, WDC has installed more than 125 solar systems in D.C. at no cost to homeowners with good credit through tax credits and private funds," it says. Those same tax credits were extended for five years in the omnibus spending bill passed by Congress last month and signed into law. White House officials have since touted the extension as a key victory in the president's clean energy and climate change agendas.

White House officials said the solar energy tax credits passed last month by Congress will help in implementing EPA's Clean Power Plan, which requires states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions a third by 2030. Many scientists blame the emissions for changing the Earth's climate, resulting in more severe weather, droughts and flooding.

Lobbyists and observers expect the president to play up several of his clean energy achievements during the final address, including favorable mentions of McCarthy and the EPA's Clean Power Plan, which is the centerpiece of his climate change plan.