The Environmental Protection Agency is investigating the presence of a potentially hazardous leak of carcinogenic substance in a Houston neighborhood after a nearby oil refinery reported a leak tied to Hurricane Harvey.

The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that the city of Houston and the Environmental Defense Fund, an advocacy group, dispatched air monitors to the Manchester region on Monday, who detected the presence of benzene, a component of crude oil and gasoline.

A Manchester oil refinery that is a subsidiary of Valero Energy Partners reported to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality that a leak on Aug. 27 resulted in the emission of benzene and other hazardous compounds.

The EPA said it will deploy an air monitor of its own to the area on Tuesday to help the investigation to confirm the source and scope of the benzene leak.

"EPA continues to conduct ambient air monitoring in Houston and is focusing on an area of potential concern associated with reported air emissions from a Valero facility in Houston," said Amy Graham, a spokeswoman for the agency, in a statement to the Washington Examiner.