Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt dodged questions during his Friday press briefing where he was peppered to answer definitively whether or not President Trump accepts the science of climate change in making Thursday's decision to exit from the Paris climate deal.

"There is enough to deal with, with respect to the Paris Agreement, and making an informed decision. That's where our focus has been for the last couple of weeks. I've answered the question a couple of times," Pruitt said at the briefing, where he faced question after question to explain Trump's position on climate change.

Pruitt's position was that Thursday's decision to withdraw from the global climate pact was the focus of discussions and not Trump's views on climate change.

He explained that withdrawal does not mean disengagement from other countries on clean energy development and the nation will be sharing with other countries the innovations that have led to emissions reductions in recent years.

But that didn't satisfy reporters.

"I want to go back to the first question that was asked that you didn't answer, does the president believe that ... climate change is a hoax?" a reporter asked, saying Trump refused to answer the question a few days ago when asked by reporters.

Pruitt pushed back: "I did answer the question because I said the discussion the president and I have had over the last several weeks have been focused on one key issue, is Paris good or bad for this country? The president focused his attention there, and determined it was bad for the country."