House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., said that he was "disheartened" by the so-called deal Republicans received in exchange for ending their filibuster threats against President Obama's nominations to the National Labor Relations Board and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

"All [Democrats] have to do is threaten the nuclear option. I'm very disheartened, especially on the NLRB issues. Obviously, very, very serious policy issues at stake here. I'm really disheartened," Cantor said Thursday on CNBC.

The deal that Republicans received was the discarding of Obama's two pro-labor NLRB nominees, which will mean two new nominees will be provided. Republicans will also be able to question Richard Cordray, who is now confirmed as the director of the CFPB. Republicans said that Cordray also agreed to implement a cost-benefit analysis of CFPB regulations.

That's what Republicans gave up their right to filibuster for. And even if those sound like some pretty solid concessions, they're not. Obama will send two more pro-labor NLRB nominees, so that "concession" is meaningless. The Senators who will be questioning Cordray belong to a committee that has no jurisdiction over CFPB, so questioning him accomplishes nothing. Oh, and Cordray's spokeswoman said he never agreed to the cost-benefit analysis.

On top of that, Senate Democrats know all they have to do is threaten the nuclear option and they'll get what they want. And there's no doubt they'll use the filibuster the next time Republicans are in the majority or hold the presidency.