All signs point to California Rep. Kevin McCarthy as successor to Virginia's Eric Cantor as House majority leader next week when the Republican conference votes.

On Wednesday, as he came to grips with his shocking congressional primary loss to Randolph-Macon College Economics Professor Dave Brat, Cantor described McCarthy as his "good friend."

One might question the value of being endorsed by the guy who just got shellacked by 12 points after outspending an unknown opponent 50-1. But remember, this is the House Republican conference under discussion here.

Who is Kevin McCarthy?

As chief whip, McCarthy has been the least visible of the top three GOP House leaders, but his voting record makes it clear he is an old guard Establishment Republican who is likely to be far more responsive to Wall Street and K Street than to Main Street.

As the Washington Examiner's Philip Klein points out on Beltway Confidential, McCarthy is to the left of Cantor, a reality that should make his candidacy problematic for House Republicans.

"The American Conservative Union rated McCarthy at 72 percent compared with 84 percent for Cantor; Heritage Action ratings place Cantor at 53 percent and McCarthy at 42 percent; and Club for Growth had Cantor at 68 percent and McCarthy at 53 percent," Klein reports.

"Moving away from conservative groups, the National Journal rated Cantor the 80th most conservative member of the House, while McCarthy was 170th," Klein said. In other words, McCarthy fails the Reagan 80/20 rule.

The stupid party, again?

Just as disturbing from the perspective of Main Street and Tea Party GOPers is that McCarthy is determined to take the party in a direction certain to anger its grassroots, without whose energy and contributions there is no hope of turning the country around.

McCarthy was a very visible attendee at the posh Amelia Island Ritz-Carlton anti-Tea Party gathering earlier this year hosted by former Rep. Steve Latourette's Main Street Partnership.

Latourette is a bitter enemy of the Tea Party and has no obvious qualms about being financed in significant part by the Democratic Party's Big Labor masters.

Yanking defeat from the jaws of victory, again

The only apparent upside of selecting McCarthy as House majority leader is the naive expectation that doing so will somehow persuade the mainstream media to cover Republicans more positively.

Apparently, that strategy worked so well when the party picked moderates John McCain as its presidential nominee in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012 that House Speaker John Boehner wants to apply it in 2014 when the GOP seems otherwise headed to a historic victory in November.

In that context, telling the grassroots to sit down and shut up while the smart guys in the Republican Establishment once again turn the party into what President Ronald Reagan called "a pale pastel" imitation of the Democrats makes perfect sense!

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