Eric and Lara Trump joked Friday that their month-old baby boy, Eric Luke, already looks like a member of the Trump family with his full head of blonde hair.

"He's so sweet and a lot of hair. You'll see. Apparently he's got more hair than most babies," Lara Trump told Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt in a pre-taped interview that aired Friday.

"The Trump hair," Eric Trump added.

"The Trump hair," his wife reiterated.

The youngest Trump son from President Trump's first marriage to Ivana Trump said he also had a lot of air when he was born.

(Image courtesy screenshot)

"I did and it was bleach blonde. He takes after me in that way," said Trump, who is co-managing the Trump Foundation with his eldest brother, Donald Trump Jr.

The baby was born Sept. 12 and is the couple's first child and Trump's ninth grandchild.