Eric Trump assailed the mainstream media environment that his father, President Trump, has to navigate, saying in an interview Tuesday that without proper context "you'd probably end up killing yourself out of depression."

The topic of the media's often unfavorable coverage of the president came up during an interview with conservative radio host Joe Pags on the nationally syndicated "Joe Pags Show."

He said his father and he himself are going to "get hit" by the media no matter what they do and accused journalists and some members of the government of not wanting the Trump administration to succeed.

After saying his father should "tune out" the media, he also couched that on the need to know what's being said. All this, he added, must be "taken with a grain of salt."

"If they weren't talking about you, you wouldn't be doing something right, and it's important to keep it in context; otherwise, quite frankly, you'd probably end up killing yourself out of depression," Trump said.