A well-known GOP establishment consultant went after Donald Trump's presidential bid and personal character Wednesday.

Florida-based political strategist Rick Wilson vowed in an 800-word editorial published in the Independent Journal Review never to support Trump's campaign, even — as many pundits suspect he will — if he wins the Republican nomination in July.

In 16 phrases that led with "I will never vote for Donald Trump," Wilson articulated his reasons for opposing the Manhattan billionaire. From being pro-gun control and pro-single-payer health care to pro-eminent domain and pro-abortion, Wilson claimed Trump has won over droves of conservatives by selling his "fauxservatism to people he patently views as rubes."

The GOP establishment consultant, who has been criticized in the past as not being conservative enough, even went after Trump's physical appearance, writing, "I will never vote for Donald Trump, because absolutely nothing he can say or do will cover the fact that he is obviously and blatantly lying every time his thin lips move and his freakishly tiny hands pound the podium."

Wilson blasts Trump for praising the military yet never admitting he was a "draft-dodging blowhard who was chasing strange in Midtown when John McCain was having his arms broken by the Vietnamese."

Finally, Wilson lists what he plans to do this election in light of his hatred for Trump. The consultant said he has never voted for, worked for, donated to or supported a Democrat, and would not support Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the general election.

Wilson concludes his rant with one promise: "I don't care if I'm the last Republican in America standing to resist this man, but with almighty God as my witness, I will not vote for Donald Trump."