European antiques make stunning holiday gifts for interior design fans, and there is inspiration close by this season.

Find some Old World charm at German Favorite Antiques in Leesburg, where architect Lothar Greiner, who once restored historic buildings, offers rare materials, furniture and accessories.

Consider a hand-painted armoire for $2,400 or a 1770s Black Forest dowry trunk, in the $670-to-$790 range. Large, ornamental chestnut furniture, suitable for a hunting lodge or over-the-top man cave, can be found for $27,000.

German Favorite Antiques

Daintier tastes may prefer elegant porcelain, religious statuary or perhaps a stained-glass church window, the later available for about $600.

A rare 1930s Christmas pyramid from Thuringia, available for $1,500, surely could find a place on the sideboard. Light the candles and heated air rotates the fan and tinkles the tiny bells to produce a captivating tapestry of flickering sound and light.

But taking the cake is a turn-of-the-century miniature German bakery for $4,800, with tiny treats that look almost good enough to eat.