A 19-year-old student at Montgomery College was taken to a hospital for an evaluation after he said he "felt like shooting people just for fun," officials said.

About 2 p.m. Monday, a group of people came to the campus security office on Montgomery College's Rockville Campus. The group reported that they had been in a conversation with a student, who said he was upset over a breakup and who made the shooting remark, school spokeswoman Elizabeth Homan said. The witnesses told security officers that they did not see the student with a weapon or suspect that he had one.

The security office then called Rockville City Police. A security officer located the student in the vicinity of the campus center, and police took him into custody. The student was not found to be armed.

The student was then taken to a hospital for an evaluation. Rockville City Police Maj. Bob Rappoport said that he could not say whether the evaluation was related to the man's mental-health.

Rappoport said Tuesday morning that the investigation is continuing and the student has not yet been charged.

Police issued a "letter of trespass," Homan said, which prevents the student from coming on campus for three years without the school's permission.