Acclaimed novelist Bret Easton Ellis finds one of President Trump's senior advisers "completely compelling."

After Trump aide Stephen Miller embarrassed CNN's Jim Acosta in a debate over immigration policy during a televised briefing on Wednesday, Ellis tweeted, "Why do I find Stephen Miller completely compelling and want to write a novel about him? Why do I not want to write a novel about Jim Acosta?" Accompanying the question were side-by-side images of Miller in action behind the podium and Acosta grimacing in a live shot on CNN.

Acosta attempted to challenge Miller over the administration's new immigration policy during the briefing, invoking the poem on the Statue of Liberty to imply the proposal was anti-American and xenophobic. His performance was lauded by some, but mocked by many.

Ellis, the enigmatic author of "American Psycho," has lambasted Hollywood's hysterical opposition to Trump and censured the Left's culture of political correctness.

Much like a J.K. Rowling tweet, Acosta's grandstanding against Trump is thoroughly boring in a context where elites in the media all seem convinced their political conformity is some courageous act of subversion. Miller, on the other hand, is one of Trump's most confident and capable defenders, delivering sometimes difficult defenses of his policies with substance and a smile.

Ellis didn't specify whether Miller would be cast as hero or antihero in this hypothetical novel, but rest assured the character would be more interesting than a CNN anchor who believes tweeting images of his socks constitutes a clever dig at the White House.

If the "Hollywood liberal establishment" could please stop ruining Ellis' dinners, maybe he'll have the physical nourishment to actually write this book.

Emily Jashinsky is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.