OK, it was said tongue-in-cheek and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was poking fun at his own ability to run the football rather than simply lavishing praise on Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. Still, in a postgame news conference after New England's blowout win of Houston on "Monday Night Football" -- an event carried live on ESPN -- Brady name-dropped Griffin.

"The opposing defenses say I can't run and won't move out of the pocket," Brady explained. "So at least there's a little bit of a threat there. Not a big threat -- I'm not like RGIII back there or anything -- but I can make a first down."

Care to venture a guess on the last time any Washington player carried that kind of cultural pull? Let's just say it's been a while. This was a team that even in its glory days thrived on a complete lack of stars. The 1991 Super Bowl champs had unheralded Mark Rypien as quarterback, a brilliant, but anonymous offensive line and even struggled to get a player like wide receiver Art Monk in the Hall of Fame. RGIII is reaching popularity heights not seen in the District in decades.

- Brian McNally