Vice President Biden is a slim man, but thanks to the detailed reporting of the White House press corps, we know that this is not due to his diet. Biden toured diners, pizzerias, cafes, coffee shops and Dairy Queens from Sarasota to Steubenville during the course of President Obama's re-election campaign, and he consumed an ungodly amount of junk food.

Yeas & Nays compiled a list of meals eaten by the VP on the road since April. Read it and marvel, as one woman at Castle's Country Restaurant did -- "You're so slim!"

April 12, Portsmouth, N.H.: Almond croissant and coffee at The Works Bakery Cafe

May 16, Steubenville, Ohio: Chicken parm at Naples Spaghetti House; chocolate-coated ice cream cone at the Hollywood City Center Dairy Queen

June 6, Winston-Salem, N.C.: Douple-dip of vanilla and dark chocolate frozen custard at Wolfies

June 26, Independence, Iowa: Turkey wrap with provolone on a cheddar-jalapeno tortilla with yellow mustard, plus several pastries at First Street Deli

June 26, Dubuque, Iowa: Three quarts of ice cream and several dozen cookies at Hy-Vee grocery (note: Biden did not eat all of this himself)

June 26, Manchester, Iowa: Strawberry ice cream on a sugar cone at Widner Drug and Gift Shop

Aug. 14, Stuart, Va.: Hot dog and Coke at The Coffee Break Cafe

Aug. 14, Floyd, Va.: Vanilla milkshake at Floyd Country Store

Aug. 31, Mahoning, Ohio: Balls of fried cheese with tomato sauce and pasta at Antone's Italian Grill food booth at the Canfield Fair

August 31, Warren, Ohio: Rice pudding to go at the Mocha House

Sept. 8, Nelsonville, Ohio: Vanilla-chocolate swirl ice cream cone at Dairy Queen

Sept. 8, Jackson, Ohio: One slice pepperoni, one slice veggie from the pizza buffet at Cardo's Pizza

Sept. 9, Seaman, Ohio: Slice of peach pie at Cruisers Diner

Sept. 11, Shanksville, Pa.: Hamburger with American cheese (preceded by a peanut butter sandwich) at the Shanksville Volunteer Fire Department

Sept. 28, Boca Raton, Fla.: Tuna salad platter and a Diet Coke at Nestor's Gourmet Deli

Sept. 29, Fort Myers, Fla.: Coffee at Mel's Diner

Oct. 4, Council Bluffs, Iowa: Cup of vegetable beef soup at Hy-Vee

Oct. 11, Danville, Ky.: Grilled chicken, spaghetti with marinara sauce and salad at a private residence

Oct. 23, Toledo, Ohio: Slice of classic custard pie at Schmucker's Restaurant

Oct. 23, Springfield, Ohio: Five pizzas (not all consumed by Biden) at Russ & Joe Catanzaro's Pizza and Subs

Oct. 24, Mechanicsburg, Ohio: Scrambled eggs and bacon at Castle's Country Restaurant

Oct. 26, Kenosha, Wis.: 13-year-old sharp cheddar, quantity unknown, from Mars' Cheese Castle

Oct. 31, Sarasota, Fla.: Coffee and unidentified strawberry treat to go at Station 400

Nov. 1, Bettendorf, Iowa: Scrambled eggs with ketchup, bacon and toast at Ross' 24-Hour Restaurant

Nov. 3, Cleveland, Ohio: A whole cheesecake and a coconut cream pie purchased at My Friends Cafe

Nov. 5, Sterling, Va.: Mini chopped salad with avocado at Mimi's Cafe

Nov. 5, Roanoke, Va.: Eight-pound pizza at Benny Marconi's

Correction: It was actually President Obama who enjoyed a Bud Lite at the Pump Haus in Cedar Falls, Iowa on Aug. 14.