Near the end of an otherwise fine editorial slamming Democratic candidate for Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe for his alleged abuse of the EB-5 visa program, the Washington Post editorial board writes:

Mr. McAuliffe is a renowned fundraiser and a wealthy man. He’s leveraged his extensive political network with some of his money-making ventures, and he tried to do the same with GreenTech.

That’s not particularly disturbing …

Let me stop you right there. Leveraging an “extensive political network” for private “money-making ventures” is absolutely disturbing since it is the epitome of everything Americans hate about Washington.

When Gallup asked Americans which issues they wanted the next president to focus on in July 2012, 87 percent of Americans picked “reducing corruption in the federal government” as an important priority. Only “creating good jobs” ranked as a higher priority.

If the Washington Post wants to know why Washington keeps getting more and more unpopular, while state and local governments improve their standing, they should look in the mirror.