When Allstar Weekend first formed five years ago, all of the members were teenagers, high school students growing up in the San Diego suburbs.

Now in their early 20s, the members of Allstar Weekend have new interests. To reflect its evolution, the band will go on hiatus at the end of this summer.

Allstar Weekend performs Thursday at the Fillmore in Silver Spring.

"I was kind of in denial about it for a long time," said Allstar Weekend lead singer and primary songwriter Zachary Porter. "It wasn't until someone else suggested that we think about starting something new and restarting that it became an actual realization for me."

Allstar Weekend
Where: The Fillmore, 8656 Colesville Road, Silver Spring
Info: 8 p.m. Thursday
Info: $18 to $68; With Cute Is What We Aim For and Tiffany Alvord; 301-960-9999; fillmoresilverspring.com

Allstar Weekend first broke through with the album "Suddenly Yours" on Hollywood Records in 2010, and followed that with "All the Way" a year later. The group gained popularity playing with the Disney scene and had moderate success with the songs "Dance Forever," "Not Your Birthday" and "Blame it on September."

The band left Hollywood Records last year and began working on new music. That's when Porter realized that what he, Cameron Quiseng and Michael Martinez were creating didn't sound like Allstar Weekend. Hence, the dramatic decision: complete this tour and this summer's Warped Tour as Allstar Weekend, then start a new project with new music.

"We love being in a band together, but when we started making a new record, it just didn't sound like Allstar Weekend," Porter said. He added that they are not playing any of the new music they've recorded on this tour.

"We decided we wanted to keep everything really separate, so we're not associating any of the new songs with Allstar Weekend," he said. "We're keeping it strictly Allstar Weekend. Everything we do, I want to do it right."

The next project is yet unnamed, but Porter said the new album is almost done. In the meantime, Allstar Weekend still lives, with another week left on this tour before gearing up for the Warped Tour this summer.

"I think it was a really unique band and a really amazing part of our lives," Porter said when asked to reflect on Allstar Weekend. "We never had massive, major success. We have this underground fan base that's been really passionate about us and who we are as people. It's just been an amazing way to learn about life."