Former CIA Director John Brennan slammed Republicans for “reckless partisan behavior” over the expected release of a secret House Intelligence Committee memo detailing alleged surveillance abuses by the Department of Justice and FBI.

“I had many fights with Congressional Dems over the years on national security matters,” Brennan wrote Thursday on Twitter. “But I never witnessed the type of reckless partisan behavior I am now seeing from Nunes and House Republicans.”

Brennan was responding to an op-ed by Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the committee. Schiff accused chairman Devin Nunes of crossing a “dangerous line” by choosing to release the memo.

The former CIA chief also blasted the White House, saying it lacks “moral and ethical leadership” for wanting the memo released.

Trump is expected to approve the release of the classified document as soon as Friday morning, despite objections from FBI Director Christopher Wray.