A former Department of Justice consultant who resigned last month slammed President Trump and his administration for not living up to proper ethical standards.

Hui Chen, a former compliance counsel in the Department of Justice's Fraud Section, wrote in a LinkedIn post working in compliance in the Trump administration was like "shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic."

"To sit across the table from companies and question how committed they were to ethics and compliance felt not only hypocritical, but very much like shuffling the deck chair on the Titanic," Chen wrote.

"Even as I engaged in those questioning and evaluations, on my mind were the numerous lawsuits pending against the President of the United States for everything from violations of the Constitution to conflict of interest, the ongoing investigations of potentially treasonous conducts, and the investigators and prosecutors fired for their pursuits of principles and facts.

Those are conducts I would not tolerate seeing in a company, yet I worked under an administration that engaged in exactly those conduct. I wanted no more part in it."

Chen has worked in the fraud section for about a year and resigned from the administration on Friday, according to her post.

Her LinkedIn profile shows her wearing a hat with "Resist" on the front. That word is commonly linked to liberal movements against Trump.

Chen wrote she plans on now working to improve ethics awareness in society at large.

"It seems clear that there is much work to do not only in taking corporate ethics & compliance to the next level, but also in raising the moral consciousness of societies," she wrote.