The former chairwoman of the Federal Election Campaign, who has pushed regulation of social websites like Facebook, Twitter and news sites like the Drudge Report, is now suggesting that TV should face "indictment" for price gouging campaigns.

Appearing on the Tavis Smiley Show, Ann Ravel rapped the campaign "industry" that includes high priced TV ads and consultants.

Smiley hit the media for "their greed, their complicity" in campaigns. "These media made a boatload," he said.

Ravel responded: "I think it's the media and the fact that the media raises prices and therefore can sort of corner the market for campaigns. And there's an indictment for them, there's an indictment for the consultants who work for the candidates so there is definately a campaign finance industry that surrounds these campaigns."

Ironically, as she called for new attention on media gouging, she also said that most campaign ads are shifting to the internet, where she fears a lack of regulation on "fake news" and campaign ads.

"It's exempt from pretty much any regulation," she warned.

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