The former president of a union that represents Howard University campus police officers has been charged with stealing money from the organization he headed.

Kevin Jones, of the District, was charged in federal court in Washington with theft from a labor organization. He was initially charged in August, and last week he was charged by information -- which typically means a plea deal is in the works.

From mid-2007 to mid-2010, Jones was the president of the Metropolitan Campus Police Officers Union, an organization that represents police officers who work for Howard University and Howard University Hospital. Jones told The Washington Examiner on Friday that he still is an active officer at Howard and remains a member of the union.

According to the charging document filed last week, Jones is accused of making about $28,500 in unauthorized withdrawals from the union's bank account from about October 2007 to June 2010.

A court document from August states that Jones made 182 ATM withdrawals using a debit card for the union's bank account between June 2007 and June 2010. Some of these withdrawals were not authorized by the union.

Between May 2007 and July 2010, Jones also used the union debit card to make 222 purchases that did not seem to serve a legitimate union purpose, according to the document filed in August.

These purchases included:

-- $3,374.37 to pay a District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority account connected to Jones' brother

-- $1,753.17 for a new computer from an Apple store

-- $790 for unpaid traffic tickets

-- $460 for a Marriott hotel in Dallas during a weekend with a football game between the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys

During his time as union president, Jones received a monthly stipend of $200 from the union but wasn't entitled to any other payments from it, according to a court document.

When a new union president took office in the middle of 2010, he noticed that Jones had not maintained any of the union's bank statements or financial records. The new president obtained statements from the bank and realized that Jones had made unauthorized withdrawals and disbursements.