Now he does it! That's what ex-advisors to Mitt Romney are saying after they've seen at least six attempts by the losing GOP presidential nominee to connect with middle America and show his softer, funnier side.

"We tried and tried to get him to interact with voters. The campaign just kept saying he wasn't good at that," a former Romney public relations advisor told Secrets. "So what does he do? He waits until after the election to show up at McDonalds, Costco and Boston Market. Crazy."

Some suspect that Romney is mounting his own PR campaign to show that he is getting along well after the election rejection and also that he really is just a normal American.

He's been shown on a Disney ride, pedaling a bike in La Jolla, California, pumping his own gas, shopping at McDonald's and Costco, and bragging on ordering Thanksgiving dinner from Boston Market.

"He's just a regular guy now," sneered one former advisor.