Washington Examiner Watchdog reporter Richard Pollock was interviewed at length Thursday evening by Fox News's Greta Van Susteren about what he's found so far in his investigation of the $2 billion Obamacare loan program to fund 24 new health insurance co-operatives.

The new co-ops are designed to compete with private sector health insurance providers, but their ability to provide an alternative approach to obtaining such coverage may be compromised by a steadily growing list of problems Pollock has uncovered with at least 13 of the groups getting the federal loans.

Among those problems are a CEO previously convicted by the U.S. Securities and Exchanges Commission for insider trading, another CEO with multiple entrepreneurial failures on his record during the past five years, and a group president who committed suicide a few days after being confronted by law enforcement officials with detailed allegations of his 36-year-history of child sexual abuse.

The loans are awarded by a Department of Health and Human Services office that refuses to disclose or discuss how it decides who gets the $2 billion. Pollock explains in detail on Van Susteren's show.

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