Some of President Trump’s top moments of 2017 include the following:

#1 — Inauguration:

On Jan. 20, Trump took the oath of office and took on the political establishment of Washington. But his argument using dubious crowd size statistics set the tone for his tense relations with the media and other controversies.

#2 — Neil Gorsuch nomination:

One of Trump’s biggest substantive accomplishments in 2017 was his nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. The conservative successor to Justice Antonin Scalia is viewed as someone who could potentially pay dividends for constitutional conservatives for decades.

#3 — James Comey firing:

Trump may blame Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal for the aggressive Russia probe, but it is the president's firing of FBI Director James Comey that really set in motion appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller and the subsequent indictments of some Trump associates.

#4 — Trump's joint speech to Congress:

In what’s been described as one of his most ‘presidential’ moments, Trump spoke before Congress in February, marking his first effective formal address. It was a departure from his usual, freewheeling, fiery style that marked his campaign rallies, and his structured speech earned him bipartisan praise.

#5 — Twitter wars:

Trump has stuck with his tweeting habits that served him well during his campaign. He continues to use Twitter to reach out directly to his base, often mocking his critics and those within his own party, while serving as a record of his first tumultuous year in office.