According to prepared remarks provided exclusively to the Washington Examiner, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus will discuss Benghazi and poke fun at President Obama's former National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor in a talk at the RNC spring meeting Friday.

An excerpt:

Democrats in fear of losing their seats will do desperate things.

And we know Democrats will go to great lengths to lie about their records. Just look at Benghazi. The White House is in trouble again for hiding the truth and misleading the American people. So they’ve turned to their favorite excuse: it’s the Republicans’ fault.

They want you to believe that Benghazi is not an issue. As one of their spokesmen said, dude, it was two years ago.

But they are the ones who politicized this. From day one, the White House was more worried about their political future than bringing terrorists to justice.

It’s right there in the new emails. The White House didn’t want Americans to think it was terrorism. They wanted to protect their Image to save themselves in the 2012 election.

Then, when they were under investigation, they politicized it again. They withheld those emails for fear Americans would see what they were really up to.

And even today, they’re playing politics by attacking Republicans for wanting to get answers for the American people.

But how can Americans trust them anymore? How can Americans trust an administration that put politics first?

They lied about the attacks. They lied about being transparent. They even lied about their lies.

So Republicans are going to keep fighting for the truth — no matter what the Democrats accuse us of. And that’s why we applaud House Republicans for voting to form a Select Committee to investigate.