Global oil giant Exxon Mobil railed against New York's Democratic attorney general in court Friday for starting a "sham" climate investigation that is nothing short of "harassment."

Exxon Mobil's statements came from a legal brief it filed in New York state court in response to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's latest round of subpoenas for information in an investigation to discover whether the company misled its investors on the potential harm that climate change, and subsequent climate regulations, would have on its business and earnings.

Exxon asked the court to close the investigations based on the "absence of any evidence of wrongdoing." It added that the claims the attorney general is making are "frivolous" and do not require law enforcement action.

Schneiderman last week asked the court to force the company to reveal documents that his office believes will show that Exxon's cost estimates were wrong in evaluating the effects of climate change on the company.

Exxon said the accusations are filled "with inflammatory, reckless and false allegations of an ‘ongoing fraudulent scheme' and ‘sham' business practices," the brief read.

"No further evidence is required to establish the political motivation of the attorney general's fruitless year-and-a-half long investigation pursuing his ever-shifting and unraveling investigative theories," according to the filing.

Schneiderman has been pursuing his investigation into Exxon since 2015 when news reports indicated that Exxon suppressed studies by the company's own scientists that warned of the hazards posed by global warming.

The case had earlier revealed that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, while still Exxon's CEO, had used the email alias, "Wayne Tracker," to relay information about climate change.

A hearing in the case is scheduled for next week.