Count the woman whose face adorned the Obamacare exchange website,, among those who has not enrolled for the law's benefits.

"Though she is eligible for health care through the program, Adriana says she hasn't signed up for it, and is neither in favor nor against it," according to ABC.

The woman isn't a model who posed for a stock photo that happened to be selected by the government for the exchange website — her picture was specifically taken for the purpose of promoting Obamacare.

She's just one person, but the lack of enrollment seems notable given the administration's recognition that one of the most important tasks before them is convincing young, healthy people to enroll.

"Here is the specific problem: Insurance companies worry that young people, especially young men, already think they are invincible, and they are bewildered about the health care reform in general and exchanges in particular," President Obama's former health care adviser, Ezekiel Emanuel, wrote in the Wall Street Journal in May.