Facebook’s ban on gun ads has been extended to include efforts to keep arms safe and out of the hands of children, such as trigger locks and safes.

In a move that appeared to contradict Facebook’s bid to promote safety, the Internet giant refused to let the nation’s largest gun dealer advertise safes or vaults over Veterans Day.

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“We are on the forefront of educating gun buyers about gun safety and we take this issue very seriously,” Hyatt Guns Director of Marketing Justin Anderson told Secrets.

“It cannot be stressed strongly enough: Guns need to be secured from unauthorized use. We cannot understand why Facebook would deny us the ability to promote this sale and help gun owners to secure their firearms,” he added.

Hyatt, of Charlotte, N.C., had planned to begin a month-long advertising campaign on Veterans Day through Facebook’s popular advertising module.

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But when they went to place the ad, a note from “Vanessa” at Facebook shot it down.

“Your ad was rejected because it violates the Ad Guidelines. Ads may not promote firearms, ammunition or weapons (ex: paintball guns, BB guns, knives, etc)…This decision is final. Please consider this the end of our correspondence about your ad.”

Anderson tried one more time. “To reiterate: We are a sale on safes and vaults. This ad does NOT promote firearms, ammunition or weapons.”

In the end, Anderson asked if Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was taking an anti-gun agenda to an unsafe place.

“If this is part of an anti-gun agenda by Facebook or its founder Mark Zuckerberg, we still don’t understand,” added Anderson. “We’re simply trying to help people to avoid the tragedy of an accidental shooting.”

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Paul Bedard, the Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at pbedard@washingtonexaminer.com.