Last week, the Labor Department issued their annual Preliminary Benchmark Announcement for the Bureau of Labor Statistics employer payroll survey showing that the U.S. economy supports 386,000 more jobs then the Labor Department currently estimates. Some liberals jumped to the conclusion that this announcement shows Obama is now a net creator of jobs. This is false. Obama is still a net jobs killer.

The preliminary announcement BLS made last week was just that: preliminary. The 386,000 new jobs will not show up in this Friday’s jobs report. In fact, they will not show up at all until the January 2013 jobs report is published in February 2013.

So until the new jobs report comes out this Friday, here is how Obama’s current jobs scorecard actually stands:

Americans Employed, January 2009: 142,187,000
Americans Employed, today: 142,101,000

Jobs in U.S. Economy, January 2009: 133,561,000
Jobs in U.S. Economy, today: 133,300,000