Fairfax County Democrats are suing local and state election officials over a new set of restrictions that would place restrictions on party observers at polling places, something they say may cut down the number of votes cast on Tuesday.

Prior to this year, Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chair Cesar del Aguila said observers were allowed to speak with voters about their rights, but not offer them voting advice. But the new restrictions would prevent observers from assisting voters who have questions about a ballot or may have forgotten their IDs or other required documentation once they arrive at the polls.

"They're trying to bind us and corral us behind the election poll check-in," del Aguila said. "We're not there to be in the way, we're just trying to help answer questions and assist voters. This is something we've been able to do for years."

Del Aguila said Democrats' biggest concern is that voters may be improperly given provisional ballots rather than regular ballots because provisional ballots are not always counted.

A high number of provisional ballots have been tossed out in recent elections, something that may affect the number of Democratic votes cast in one of the state's largest pro-Democratic areas, he said.

The case will be heard today at 2 p.m. Friday in Fairfax County Circuit Court.