More than two weeks sometimes pass before a newly identified terrorism suspect is added to the Federal Bureau of Investigation watchlist, the agency's watchdog has found.

Seventeen business days can elapse between the time an FBI case agent receives a notification about a potential terrorism case to the time he or she is nominated to the watchlist.

The FBI's inspector general also found that it took an average of 44 business days to put someone not under investigation, but with terrorist ties, onto the Transportation Security Administration's No Fly List.

New “policies and procedures should help to ensure that future threat based watchlist modifications are handled more effectively and efficiently,” the IG said.

The FBI's case management system fails to track if someone has been submitted to the watchlist, and if so, what the status is.

Because of this, the FBI cannot independently make its own list of who has been submitted to the watchlist and his or her status on it without cooperation from other agencies.

"Redundant and inefficient processes" at FBI headquarters are to blame, the report concluded.