The FBI conducted a raid on a northern Virginia town home Friday night as part of an investigation looking into a man from Pittsburgh who was possibly interested in supporting the Islamic State and conducting attacks in the U.S.

According to court documents obtained by Fox 5, the FBI had reason to believe that Sean Andrew Duncan had been radicalized after recently converting to Islam and expressing his support for the Islamic State’s actions overseas.

Duncan’s phone was searched by the Allegheny County Police Department in June 2017 after the death of his infant child, which revealed he had been doing research on Islamic State related material, the document said.

The FBI was also tipped off about Duncan’s alleged activities after an unnamed co-conspirator under custody in a foreign country told authorities that he was one of her U.S. contacts and he had planning an attack in the U.S.

Authorities found pictures of receipts for machetes as well as pictures of the knives — an encouraged weapon choice of the Islamic State — on Duncan’s phone.

Fox 5 reported that the FBI arrested Duncan and is accused of attempting to escape and keep thumb drive and memory chip out the FBI's reach.

His neighbors told the local news station that he was cordial and moved into the neighborhood at the end of the summer.