FBI officials published decades-old files Wednesday related to President-elect Trump and the Clintons, including files from a criminal investigation of a former associate of the Clintons'.

The 10-page document on James McDougal, a former financial partner to Bill and Hillary Clinton who died in prison in 1998, contained press clips, congressional correspondence and a request from the FBI's Little Rock, Ark., office to the bureau's headquarters to send it two typists to help manage the growing criminal probe.

McDougal was convicted of fraud and conspiracy in 1997 after his bank, Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan Association, issued faulty loans. The Clintons were accused of entering a fraudulent real estate deal with McDougal and his wife and subsequently of attempting to cover it up.

The FBI also released what appeared to be an investigation of a theft that occurred at Trump Shuttle, an airline company Trump owned briefly from 1989 to 1992. The files appeared to detail the FBI's search for airplane equipment that was stolen from Trump Shuttle in 1990.

Another four-page file released on Wednesday appeared to be the FBI's summary of a theft that occurred at Trump's Taj Mahal Casino in 1998.

Trump himself was not the subject of either probe.

All three sets of documents were released by the FBI through the Freedom of Information Act.