Somewhere hidden deep within Washington, D.C., is a huge magnet that exerts an irresistible force drawing busybodies, know-it-alls and nanny-staters to the nation's capital.

Otherwise, how to account for a president of the United States who can't balance America's budget, but has no qualms at all about telling the rest of us how to spend our money?

Or a federal advisory committee staffed by a bunch of academics, nutritionists and "food systems consultants," plus a vice-chairman who doesn't "necessarily advocate" beheading Ronald McDonald?

"Sustainable" food and you

Better get ready for it because, as the Washington Free Beacon's Elizabeth Harrington reports, the federal Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has big plans for changing what Americans eat.

During a recent presentation at Boston University, Alice Lichtenstein, the DGAC's vice chairman and a Tufts University professor, displayed a slide of the faux Ronald McDonald losing his head to Finland's Food Liberation Army.

“I’m not necessarily advocating this. I don’t think it really solves the problem, but you can see different people have different — take different ways of dealing with things,” she told the Boston crowd.

If it's not immediately obvious how decapitating Ronald McDonald produces sustainable food, stuff said by other DGAC members is much clearer, as Harrington reported.

Vegetarianism now ... or else!

DGAC committee member Dr. Miriam Nelson, for example, sees vegetarianism as the path to smaller carbon footprints for everybody.

“Eating fewer animals, but choosing those wisely ... if we were to get Americans to eat it, would actually have a lower footprint than what we are currently doing,” she told a recent meeting of the panel.

In fact, according to Minnesota-based consultant Kate Clancy, "it would be perilous, I would think, for this committee or anybody else to not be taking climate change into account in any of the deliberations about sustainability."

So, dietary guidelines aren't really about good health, they're about climate change.

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