A federal judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals supports the death penalty, but would rather it be done by firing squad or guillotine than lethal injection.

Judge Alex Kozinski touted the guillotine's "100 percent effective" rate in a Sunday interview with CBS.

"I think the use of lethal injection is the way of lying to ourselves, to make it look like executions are peaceful, are benign, are sort of like going to sleep, and they're not," Kozinski told CBS. "If we as a society are willing to take away human life, we should be willing to watch it."

Kozinski's opposition to splitting the 9th Circuit on which he sits has also grabbed attention. Kozinski was one of two GOP-appointed judges who privately urged Republican senators not to break the court in two and create a new 12th Circuit, as the Washington Examiner previously reported.

Kozinski spoke out against Republican proposals to break up the court in his interview with CBS.

"The 9th Circuit can't be split, and won't be split," Kozinski told CBS. "It's a terrible idea."