In the lead-up to the opening of the exchanges in President Obama's health care program last Oct. 1, Oregon was often touted as a model for the nation. Supporters of the law pointed to its quirky hippy ads and aggressive public outreach effort to argue that Obamacare would work best in states where it was being enthusiastically adopted, unlike the states with obstructionist Republican governors.

As it turned out, Oregon ended up with the most dysfunctional website in the nation, to the point where it was the only one that did not allow individuals to fully enroll online in one sitting.

Now, after spending $248 million of the $303 million of the federal taxpayer money allocated to the exchange, the state is preparing to scrap its exchange and default to the federal website. What's even more staggering is that the Oregonian reports: "The federal government will not ask for a return of money spent on Cover Oregon, officials said."

In other words, the state not only got to waste taxpayer money on a failed website, but now it gets to keep the change.