American adults are ignoring first lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! campaign and reaching for nachos from their perch on the couch. The proof: A new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report reveals that adult obesity has reached an all-time high of 29 percent.

According to just-released estimates from the January-September 2012 National Health Interview Survey, obesity among those 20 and older broke through the 29 percent line for the first time. Under Obama, adult obesity has increased a full percentage point.

Never during the 16 years of the survey has the nation's adult obesity dropped. In 1997, 19.4 percent of adults were obese, meaning America is 50 percent fatter today.

The survey found that adults aged 40 to 59 were the most obese, at 33.1 percent. White women were the least obese, at 26.3 percent. Black women were the most obese, at 41.7 percent.

In a related release, the CDCP reported that diabetes among adults was also at a record high at 9.2 percent.

The new figures cry out for the first lady to add adults to her Let's Move! project now focused on reducing childhood obesity. Her effort has had some success: In some states, kids aren't as fat as they used to be.