A federal prosecutor said Wednesday that the government is preparing to offer a plea deal to the man accused of running over a D.C. police officer earlier this year, an episode that prompted criticism of the D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department for its slow response time.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Brandon Long told a D.C. Superior Court judge that his office is trying to assemble an offer that would allow Kevin Burno to resolve three pending cases, including a separate arrest in February for assaulting a police officer.

"At this time, there is no plea offer," Long said. "We're still in discussions."

Long cautioned, though, that the injured police officer, Sean Hickman, had "some strong views" about a potential plea agreement, but the prosecutor did not elaborate.

Burno's lawyer, Jenifer Wicks, said her client would review any deal the government offered.

"We've been patiently waiting for our global plea offer," she said, referring to a deal that would cover multiple cases.

If Burno and prosecutors can't reach an agreement, he will face separate trials on June 24, June 26 and July 17.

"The sooner you can get a plea offer out, the better," Judge Patricia Broderick told Long.

A grand jury has not yet indicted Burno in the March 5 incident in which he allegedly steered his Lexus into Hickman, who was on a motorcycle in Southeast D.C., after the officer gestured to him that he should turn on his headlights.

At a hearing in April, authorities said they found blood on the white Lexus during their investigation, and the episode left Hickman with serious injuries.

Two other men, Darrin Twisdale and James Parks, were charged in connection with the incident because they were allegedly in the vehicle and conspired with Burno to evade capture. The government is also considering plea deals for them.

After the three men allegedly fled the scene, Hickman waited for an ambulance from Maryland to arrive because the District didn't have one available. According to an internal report after the incident, Hickman waited 16 minutes, a delay that led to discipline for six city employees.

Hickman left the hospital on May 7.