Nearly 200,000 people in the flood zone of Hurricane Harvey are asking for government assistance through the registry and that number is expected to climb in the coming days, a top official at the Federal Emergency Management Agency said Wednesday.

Alex Amparo, FEMA's assistant administrator of the recovery, said 195,000 people are asking for assistance and that the agency has handed out $35 million in financial assistance to those who have registered.

"That number is going to climb, we know it," FEMA Director Brock Long said during a Wednesday press conference. He added that the agency is in "life-sustaining mode."

Flooding as a result of Hurricane Harvey wreaked devastation across parts of Texas this week, particularly surrounding Houston. FEMA also said it is tracking the storm as it moves through Louisiana and is dealing hand-in-glove with Gov. John Bel Edwards to help out affected areas.

The emergency agency also announced that 30,000 people in the affected areas have been moved into 230 shelters.

"We are in the long haul to provide assistance to every disaster survivor we can," Amparo said.

As for how much the disaster will cost, Long said it is going to be years until that number is figured out.