At Shaw Main Streets’ development forum last week, the developer of D.C.’s new convention center hotel was inundated with questions and commentary from nearby residents about what the construction process will be like.

But none stood out more than an inquiry from a woman who wanted to know what would happen to a feral cat population living on the north block of L and 10th streets. She had taken to feeding the cats, according to Capstone Development’s Norm Jacobs, and was concerned they’d have nowhere to go.

“That’s definitely going to be in my book of odd questions asked at community meetings,” Jacobs said Tuesday.

Jacobs told The Washington Examiner that particular block, the site of a smaller planned hotel, won’t see development for at least two more years. Jacobs said he referred the resident to the Convention Center Advisory Board.

Jacobs said the highly anticipated 1,164-room Marriott Marquis Headquarters Hotel is scheduled to break ground in early November.