Richard Glick was sworn in Wednesday as the newest Democratic member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, nearly restoring the key energy watchdog agency to its full complement of five members.

Glick's appointment gives the commission a two-two split between Republicans and Democrats as it awaits former energy consultant Kevin McIntyre to be sworn in as the new Republican chairman of the commission.

Glick's formal swearing-in comes ahead of a major vote by the commission on Energy Secretary Rick Perry's plan to provide market incentives to prop up coal and nuclear power plants.

There has been some speculation among critics that the commission was purposefully being kept at three members, two Republicans and one Democrat, to give the incentive plan a better chance of being approved. The commission will vote on the proposal by Dec. 11.

But that is something that FERC's temporary Republican chairman, Neil Chatterjee, adamantly denied.

Chatterjee told reporters Tuesday that there is "no conspiracy here" and that "there is no intentional delay or dragging things out to some nefarious end.”

It has taken months for Glick to be confirmed by the full Senate after President Trump appointed him in August. He was confirmed Nov. 2.

Glick had served as Democratic general counsel on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee before being appointed to the commission.

He also served as government affairs vice president for Iberdrola, the large Spain-based multinational utility company and renewable energy firm.