Fidel “Fidelito” Castro Diaz-Balart, the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro's eldest son, committed suicide, Cuban state media announced Thursday evening.

He died at the age of 68 in Havana.

Reports indicate that Castro Diaz-Balart had been treated for depression for months.

Castro Diaz-Balart was one of Fidel Castro's 11 kids.

Fidel Castro led a revolution in the Cuba, located 90 miles south of Florida, in the late 1950s and made it a communist bastion. He died in late November 2016 at the age of 90.

Castro's brother, Raul Castro, is now the president of the island nation, though he is expected to step down in April. Among the leading candidates to replace the 86-year-old is Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

The Obama administration in its final years worked to restore long-strained relations between Cuba and the U.S., after which the Trump administration has restricted travel and trade with the country.