From the Redskins' 28-18 win over the Cowboys on Sunday night:

1. Dallas did a good job of taking away the passing game off the zone read play fakes, mostly by using one safety deep and another in the middle of the field about 10 yards off the ball. His job was to play for the inside pass off those fakes, and it worked as the play wasn't open. The Cowboys also used a lot of two-deep safety looks, which allowed Washington to run the ball well. When Dallas finally started bringing the safety closer to the line, the Redskins connected on play-action passes over the middle.

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2. One of the best examples of teamwork and individual effort was evident on running back Alfred Morris' 21-yard gain in the third quarter. First, Morris, on a pitch to the right, received excellent blocks from right tackle Tyler Polumbus and center Will Montgomery (and guard Josh LeRibeus helped seal the backside). Morris showed good patience running to the outside and forced linebacker Dan Connor to commit to the outside. Once Connor did, Morris cut back inside on the heels of Polumbus. Then, with safety Gerald Sensabaugh racing up, Morris showed wiggle to the inside and broke back outside.

3. The linebackers had an excellent game as a group. Rob Jackson had the interception, and his pressure led to Tony Romo being unable to step into a throw and therefore leaving it short on Josh Wilson's interception. London Fletcher had 11 tackles and a near interception and blitzed often. Perry Riley blitzed well, leading to pressures. And Ryan Kerrigan, though quiet, made some solid plays. He prevented a potential strong gain by receiver Dwayne Harris off a screen. Kerrigan saw tackle Doug Free head out, so he automatically dropped into Romo's throwing lane. Romo had to hesitate, and that allowed cornerback Richard Crawford to come up and force a throwaway. But it occurred because of Kerrigan's read.

4. On Jackson's interception, left tackle Tyron Smith set for a Jackson rush. When back DeMarco Murray started on his route, Jackson went with him. That left Smith blocking no one. And that meant left guard Nate Livings took end Stephen Bowen. With the Redskins sending two blitzers up the middle, center Ryan Cook was engaged with nose tackle Barry Cofield. That left a gap for Riley. And that led to pressure, forcing Romo to loft a weak throw while falling backward.

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