Carly Fiorina said Friday that the Obama administration's decision to hold climate talks in Paris after a major terrorist attack in that same city is only making people more nervous about the threat of terrorism, and said Obama hasn't done nearly enough to take on this major global challenge.

"That our leaders are in Paris talking about climate change two days after a major attack makes people even more afraid and frustrated," Fiorina said Friday on CNN's New Day of Obama's trip to the climate summit in Paris. "We need to look forward for solutions to solve these problems."

Fiorina added that while President Obama doesn't have the answers, neither does Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, and said she's the best candidate to talk to world leaders about defeating the Islamic State.

When pressed about what on her resume made her more qualified than former Secretary of State Clinton, Fiorina pointed to Clinton's lack of accomplishments as a leader as well as her own close personal relationships with numerous foreign leaders, after having done business in 70 countries as the CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

"She may have met more leaders but she hasn't used that experience to advance our case. She has been wrong on every foreign policy challenge," the GOP candidate said of Clinton.

As foreign policy has become a bigger issue in the news cycle in the wake of the Islamic State attacks in Paris, leaders with more foreign policy experience like Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have gained traction in the campaign, while candidates like Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina have fallen by the wayside. But Fiorina said even Rubio and Cruz don't have enough experience.

"By the way, it's one thing to sit in a Senate meeting, it's another thing to know these people, to know them for decades," Fiorina said. "It's one thing to read things, it's another thing to know things about the world. And I believe I have done that."