Michael Wolff, the author of "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House," said he was able to interview people for his controversial book because White House officials were flattered, and also because they were disorganized.

The Trump administration has attacked Wolff for painting an unflattering picture of the president and the White House. But Wolff has said he was allowed to interview several people, and said there was no organized effort to keep him out, even though he had written critically of Trump before.

"Effectively, a total disorganization, number one," he said on MSNBC Monday morning. "Number two, this idea of a book. So I'd say, 'I'm doing a book.' They would say, 'Oh, a book.'"

Wolff also said there are competing rivalries in the White House, which he said increased his access.

"This White House is so factionalized that if Steve Bannon was seeing me, that meant that Kushner had to see me," he said. "So it was, essentially, a daily act of triangulation."

Wolff said he was never hurt by his critical description of Trump in an earlier Hollywood Reporter story, which featured Trump on the cover with sunglasses.

"It was a fairly hard piece if not devastating," he said. "He didn't know what Brexit was two weeks before the Brexit vote."

"Didn't matter. Good cover."