On Tuesday night, President Obama requested that Congress postpone a vote to authorize the use of military force against Syria and noted that he would seek a diplomatic solution to the problem.

These five movie action heroes, however, could easily get the job done and make America look awesome at the same time.

1. Iron Man:

Why he's right for the job: He is Iron Man.

Military action: Pretty simple. Iron Man would fly in, save the children, blow up Assad's chemical weapons and be home to brief Congress by morning.

2. Ethan Hunt:

Why he's right for the job: It's not impossible to get Assad to stop using nuclear weapons, "Mission Difficult" should be a walk in the park for him.

Military action: To avoid casualties, Hunt personally parachutes into every one of Assad's chemical weapons depots and disables them.

3. John Rambo

Why he's right for the job: A master of survival and guerrilla warfare, Rambo's mere presence in Syria would cause Assad personally to launch an all-out war to stop him.

Military action: Rambo would drive a tank into a helicopter personally piloted by Assad causing it to explode.

4. Dr. Manhattan

Why he's right for the job: He's got everything you could need to stop a war: Telekinesis, teleportation and control over matter at a subatomic level.

Military action: In the comics, Dr. Manhattan single handedly wins the Vietnam war in three months, making President Nixon a national hero. In that case, he should be able to do the same for President Obama.

5. The Hulk

Why he's right for the job: He's pretty much indestructible even if Assad tried to use chemical weapons.

Military action: Puny Assad!