5. Si Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" hangs out with the "Fox and Friends" crew

What is he drinking in that cup?

Watch as Robertson helps Elizabeth Hasselbeck fire a rifle.

4. Jimmy Fallon imagines what Bill Clinton's phone calls are like with Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Paul Ryan.

Key line: "Wazzzzzzzzupppp!"

3. Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay reacts to a Texas court's decision to overturn his conviction

"I tell you, it's what the left does, to be honest with you, if they can't beat you in the political arena, then they try to come and defeat you personally, and try to completely destroy you, bankrupt you, put you in a grave and dance on your grave -- that's what they do," DeLay said.

2. Ted Cruz responds to those critical anonymous GOP staffers.

It's not about me.

1. Retired Navy Lt. Rollie Chance explains what it was like to be mistakenly identified by CBS and NBC as the Navy Yard shooter.

Media actually called to tell him that he was the shooter -- then the FBI searched his house. No one has apologized to him.