1. Chris Matthews: Remember when US had a real leader, like … George W. Bush?

Best quote: “[T]his Mini-Me stuff has got to stop!”


2. Congressman to John Kerry: “Mr. Secretary, would you please explain what an ‘incredibly small’ strike is?”

John Kerry does his best.

3. Retired Gen. David Petraeus harassed by students at City University of New York

The students are seen following Petraeus, calling him a “war criminal,” a “murderer” and a “disgusting imperialist.”

The best part of the video? Petraeus seems generally unfazed by their rudeness and doesn't speak or even break his stride in response.


4. Sen. Barbara Boxer blasts Sen. Rand Paul for suggesting that Obama would be aiding al Qaeda by supporting Syrian rebels.

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Boxer's argument: This is the president that "went and killed bin Laden."


5. The Guinness wheelchair ad

Chances are you saw this if you watched "Monday Night Football" this week. Wait for the end of the video for a truly heart-warming moment.